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Adjusting to the quick changes of the market and to the Customer’s needs: these points represent the strength of every company that wants to settle deeply and durably in its reference market. SITAL has been operating in the industrial soundproofing and air-conditioning sectors for more than 40 years, dedicating itself to the innovation, quality and Customer’s satisfaction, mainstays of its company evolution.


SITAL manufactures CONTAINERS, ENCLOSURES, CANOPIES and SHELTERS suitable for every need of housing industrial machines or technological equipment, both in ONSHORE and OFFSHORE environments.

The table below shows the most common equipment installed inside our products:

Sound-attenuation Air-conditioning
Gen-sets Telecommunication stations
Pump-sets Fire-fighting control units
UPS systems Control boards and electrical panels
Gas turbines Energy stations
Wood machines Transformation units of photovoltaic systems

Belonging to the following area of interest:

Industry Oil & Gas
Soundproofing Telecommunication
Marine Environment
Solar Special equipment

Standardization and flexibility

SITAL combines standardization with product flexibility, in particular:

  • Standardization of every component of the containers and enclosures, aiming to offer tested solutions at competitive prices. This method already grants a big flexibility because countless configurations can be obtained starting from standard components
  • Max. product customization in order to meet the Customer’s needs and the requirements set by project specifications


From extra-small to extra-large: the dimensions of the product never represent an obstacle for SITAL



Our products are optimized in order to achieve the most compact solution that cuts down the unused spaces and consequently useless costs. SITAL products are “tailor-made”, according to the specific dimensions and features of the machines to be installed, always caring for the details.

The quantity and position of doors and technical passages are studied so that the most rational configuration is achieved, giving easy accessibility to the equipment installed wherever is needed.


Turnkey packages thanks to auxiliary systems and accessories

Thanks to the wide range of available services, SITAL supply is not limited to containers only but, on request, it can also include any system and accessory needed in order to deliver a complete turnkey package.

Production cycle

Except for the accessories bought from the market, SITAL containers and enclosures are thoroughly engineered and manufactured within SITAL premises, from scratch to the finished product. This allows a constant monitoring of the production process.

Production capacity

Thanks to the flexibility and to the plants available, SITAL can fulfill any request regardless of the quantity of items for a job order. However, SITAL always plans lead times and delivery dates with its Customers, according to the specific requests.


The ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System of SITAL has been certified by DNV since year 2000.